Argyll Street

Progress has been delayed but is now back on course with Phase 2 edit followed by book design not now expected to be complete before mid-September.

Care for Veterans

We paid a further visit to Gifford House Worthing on Saturday 6th July to celebrate the centenary of the formation of The Queen Alexandra’s Hospital Home for Veterans. The day was organised by the Head of Fundraisng Elizabeth Baxter, and the celebration ran concurrently with the annual Summer Fayre.

The event was officially opened by Nicholas Witchell from the BBC and we were entertained throughout the afternoon by the Care for Veterans Choir, the TS Implacable Marching Band, and the Lancing Brass Band.

During the visit we met resident Steve Boylon’s family. Steve served with the Royal Engineers for twenty-four years and it is hoped that his life-story will form the basis of the next book planned to follow the release of Argyll Street.

Steve Boylon with father Peter

Steve pictured together with his proud Father Peter, both having completed distinguished Army careers. Steve had served in all of the world’s trouble-spots including four tours in Afghanistan, and it was after he had left the Services that he was disabled as the result of a tragic accident.

The Future

Follow-on plans include a further collection of short stories which will certainly include :

  • Edward (aged 16) learns the true meaning of life (with help from Digger and the nice Mrs Prudholme)
  • The Mind Eurochip
  • The Stalker
  • Frank’s BOHICA moment

The Present

William Gregory was Jon’s Great-Uncle. The Gregory Journal (Quiet before the Storm) was published in 2014, and this short book describes the diary entries of William in the period 1916/11917.

William’s life story Argyll Street is scheduled for publication later in 2019, The full draft manuscript (referred to as Phase 2) was submitted to the publisher on 8th April and is now undergoing final edit and book design which is planned for completion by end July 2019.

Further progress will appear on this page over the coming weeks.