Marketing Activity

With effect from May 1st and arranged through Lulu,  Argyll Street starts a period on Google Ads.

Later in May (tba)
The extended promotion of Argyll Street will now take the form of a Library Journal Bundle and details will be released in the near future.

Lewes Book Fair

WE had great hopes for this event with 40 dealers expected. Sadly with the onset of Coronavirus restrictions this was cancelled.

March/April onwards. At the time of writing we are at the end of Week 5 in Lockdown, and still speaking.

However, as at April 25 we are still busy with future plans including new and re-visiting some older short story ideas to be submitted to magazine editors. 

Several weeks early on schedule advised that the formal review of Argyll Street completed with encouraging comment from the reviewer. The full review is expected shortly.

Promotional Talk

A promotional talk for Argyll Street had been planned at the Community Centre Deanland Wood Park and a full house expected. However due to Storm Ciara only a few brave souls ventured out in such awful conditions. Instead of the original plan we held an impromptu very informal discussion about many of the issues encountered in the lead up to publication. Fortified with tea provided by Fran we all enjoyed the afternoon.

A promotional talk for Argyll Street

Centre front Veteran Steve Boylan whose life story is to be the subject of my next book.

(Picture courtesy of Lucy Carnaghan Photography).

Talk Radio Europe interview

Talk Radio Europe

Jon was recently interviewed by Hannah Murray on the Talk Radio Europe breakfast show. You can hear the interview by clicking the link below.

Jon interviewed by Hannah Murray on Talk Radio Europe – 24/01/2020

Argyll Street launch

The official launch date for the book took place on 2nd December and in the period before Christmas the response has been better than expected.

The Wigan Observer Group published a full page article on New Years Eve and this week has seen a lot of activity between Elly Donovan PR and the Uckfield Picture House in publicising the book with emphasis on the similarities between the WW1 aspects of both Argyll Street and the film 1917 which goes on general release today.

Jon at The Picture House in Uckfield


The print version was approved on 28th October and the book published 4th November 2019. Promotional copies have been distributed and we spent five days in Lancashire in the third week of November. 

Planning is now underway to arrange a series of launch meetings during December and January.

Copies of the book are now available to buy through  and for UK purchases:

Paperback ISBN 978-1-6847-1089-8 @ £10.99  + p&p

Hardback ISBN 9978-1-6847-1090-4 @ £21.50  + p&p

EBook download ISBN 978-1-6847-1091-1 @ £3.10 + p&p

Reviews :

Julie Forsyth from Bexhill-on-Sea :

“…I received a copy of the book this morning. Can I say wow, how amazing and what a beautiful book. Congratulations…”

A final proof has been approved and uploaded to for print. A book sample has been despatched and is expected to be received shortly. Once this review version has been accepted then the book will be available for purchase through the Lulu website. Retail prices are £10.99 Paperback, £21.50 Hardback, £3.10 Ebook. The official launch date is set for 2nd December 2019.

I am indebted to the undermentioned team of advisers:

  • Publishers –  Yonah Salem / Lois Sardon at Lulu Publishers
  • Family Research –  Margaret Walker
  • Text Formatting –  Jule Forsyth
  • Cover Design –  Christine Hammacott at The Art of Communication
  • Website –  Simon at scoopsweb
  • PR – Elly at Elly Donovan PR
  • Contact database/mail – Pat Hathaway / Jean Phillips

Jon continues to follow Wealden Writers, Seaford Writers, CHINDI, Canadian Roots UK, and his relationship with the Care for Veterans Hospital Home in Worthing.

Canadian Memorial Day Service

This annual event is organised by Canadian Roots UK, a non-profit charity established with the primary aim of helping Canadian War Children born in UK find their Fathers and Family in Canada. The Patrons of the charity are Dame Vera Lynn who was 102 in March of this year, as well as Cllr Michael Donin and Tim Loughton MP. The Organiser is Mrs Pam Vowles who lives in Goring by Sea. Although the weather forecast was largely dry with occasional showers, when we arrived there was a torrential ‘shower’ leaving us soaked to the skin. Fortunately, shortly after 1100 hours the weather did change and became dry and sunny.

In both the First and Second World Wars the Southern Counties of England became the base for the Armed Forces of many nations and in particular USA and Canada. During WW2 Worthing became a centre for Canadian troops preparing to take part in the D Day landings on 6th June 1944 at Juno Beach, and this year being the 75th anniversary there have been many events marking the occasion culminating in this Memorial Day Service held at the Canadian Memorial which is on the Worthing promenade opposite the bottom of Grand Avenue. Whilst the emphasis this year has been on D Day the sacrifices made by Canadians in both WW1 and WW2 are remembered at this time every year.

In 1916 Great Uncle William Gregory returned to the UK with the 25th Battalion Nova Scotia Rifles (Cape Breton Highlanders) and was based at Witley Camp in Surrey before seeing action on the Western Front in France.

Standard Bearer Jim Still, Cdr Corey Bursey Naval Advisor Canadian High Commission, Heidi Watkins

Hill 70 Canadian Memorial Ceremony

This morning Postie delivered my August issue of the WFA Bulletin and much to my surprise there is s a short piece on Page 1 which reads as follows :

‘Hill 70 Canadian Memorial Ceremony.  Should you be travelling near Vimy on 2 October there is a formal ceremony to mark the completion of the Hill 70 Memorial Park. The ceremony will be held at the site in Loos-en-Gohelle, France.’

Whilst at this stage I have no further information I will add further comment about the event when this becomes available.

Canadian Roots UK

During WW1/2 Canadian forces were stationed throughout the United Kingdom and particularly in the South.

Canadian Roots UK is a charity devoted to linking and supporting Canadian descendants and families in UK and Canada. The charity’s Patrons are Dame Vera Lynn, Councillor Michael Donin and Tim Loughton MP.

Each year a Service of Remembrance for all fallen Canadian Forces is held, and in this centenary year this occasion is to be marked at 1100 hours on Sunday 18th August 2019, as usual at the Canadian Monument on the seafront at the bottom of Grand Avenue Worthing.

Jon and Jean are planning to attend and to take the opportunity to meet Veterans and their relatives as well as promoting the forthcoming publication of Argyll Street later this year.