The print version was approved on 28th October and the book published 4th November 2019. Promotional copies have been distributed and we spent five days in Lancashire in the third week of November. 

Planning is now underway to arrange a series of launch meetings during December and January.

Copies of the book are now available to buy through  and for UK purchases:

Paperback ISBN 978-1-6847-1089-8 @ £10.99  + p&p

Hardback ISBN 9978-1-6847-1090-4 @ £21.50  + p&p

EBook download ISBN 978-1-6847-1091-1 @ £3.10 + p&p

Reviews :

Julie Forsyth from Bexhill-on-Sea :

“…I received a copy of the book this morning. Can I say wow, how amazing and what a beautiful book. Congratulations…”